Established in 1975, G.Molton Co. Ltd has long become one of Malta’s leading paint suppliers, servicing an ever-expanding list of loyal clients and catering for both their personal and commercial paint needs. Located in the Mediterranean island of Malta, at our 4500m2 central showroom, warehouses and offices we represent the top paint brands from all over Europe.

G.Molton Co Ltd was founded by Mr George Zammit who started his business by servicing the automotive paint sector. From the company’s early days Mr Zammit strived to provide the local market with the best and the highest quality products available, thus laying the foundations for the philosophy that G.Molton still nurtures today, and very quickly making the company one of the local pioneers in supplying quality paints and excellent service. Indeed, our product portfolio is professionally selected to service the refinishing of the automotive, marine, plant and machinery, furniture, and the decorative industries, and provide them with the best coating solutions.

Our strategic location in the Mediterranean has enabled us not only to build and service a strong customer base in Malta but also to meet the demands and tend to the needs of clients in various neighboring countries in the region. Apart from its operations in Malta, G.Molton has also supplied paint to several large projects in other countries, an effort which has led to the opening of our new business unit in Libya.

Today the company continues to build on its successes, retaining the philosophies and values that were instilled inside the core of our business model way back in 1975. As we grow and continue to expand, we never forget the foundations that support us into our every step further: grade-A service, premier products and the mutual respect and loyalty we give to and receive from all our clients.


G.Molton has always been a family business, committed to its tradition of providing the best coating solutions for a wide spectrum of applications, however complex these may be. At G.Molton we are passionate about adding value. Our company has been built on the key values of excellence, innovation, integrity and passion and we seek to go beyond supplying the highest quality, cost-effective products.


At G.Molton we are committed and believe in complete support with our customers. Our approach is to diagnose problems and propose solutions. The extensive range of solutions and services we offer to our professional and amateur clients – large and small – has been, and still is, the cornerstone of our reputation since the company was founded.

We make your problem our problem such that together we can find the ideal solution.

Our dedication and enhtusiasim make us different.

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