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Permasolid HS Express Surfacer

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Fast drying sanding surfacer.

Permasolid HS Express Surfacer 5250 is a fast drying 2K high solids sanding surfacer that is ideal for quick and economical paint repairs.

. Very fast air drying properties, especially with the Permasolid Express Surfacer Accelerator 9250. It can be sanded even after 30 minutes at 20°C.
. Easy to use, no intermediate flash off time when used in combination with Permasolid Express Surfacer Accelerator 9250.
. Good flow and easy to apply.
. Flexible in use; can be used with Permasolid VHS and HS hardeners, as well as with different drying methods such as air drying, oven drying or IR drying.
. Good sandability.
. Available in black, medium grey and white.