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Permasolid HS Speed Surfacer Grey

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High Speed Surfacer for higher throughput.

The new Permasolid Speed Surfacer 5500 significantly speeds up the preparation process, thanks to both its application method and the drying process. Air-drying time is significantly shorter compared to standard air-drying surfacers. This results in fast processing even without IR drying. Added to the speed is a smooth surface that helps to ensure excellent paint results.
. Simple 1:1 mixing ratio with Permasolid Speed Surfacer Hardener 3550.
. Excellent vertical stability.
. Time and energy savings thanks to very impressive air-drying performance.
. Other drying techniques can also be used: forced drying at different temperatures and IR drying.
. From Speed Repair to standard panel repair, in fact any type of job can be handled at the same time, thanks to air-drying.
. The smooth surface helps to ensure excellent gloss hold-out after top coating.
. Available in three colours: white, grey and black.
. Use of Priomat Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000 is mandatory.